co Turn Your Facebook Page Into A Community |

When it comes to marketing through Facebook, businesses have the ability to set up a brand page and use it as an outpost to draw attention to their brands. But if all of your posts are self-promotional hype, you will eventually turn your fans off and they will turn you off. Here are some ways you can use to keep your Facebook page interesting.

  • Post images. Images increase a posts likability. In fact, content marketer Monica Wright conducted a study and wrote about it on Marketing Land. Her conclusion is that photos increase user engagement by 4 times, number of shares by 4 times, likes by 2 times, and virality by 2.5 times.
  • Post videos. If images enhance Facebook posts, then videos should do so even more, right? Yep, that’s right. Post videos to your Facebook page for greater audience engagement.
  • Run contests. Challenge your audience with contests. People love contests.
  • Share customer stories. Your customers have stories about using your products and services and how they enhance their lives. Get them involved by having them send you their stories.
  • Post unrelated content. Not all of your Facebook page posts have to be about you and your company. You can go off topic. In fact, you should. Your fans will appreciate getting to know more about your company and its passions. Keep it fun and entertaining. Engage your audience with great content and be professional.
  • Post surveys. Engage your fan base with occasional surveys. People love to tell you what they think. Then, once the results are in, use the data to spark conversation.

With just a little bit of effort, you can turn your Facebook page into a thriving social media community.