co Facebook Hashtags Are Clickable, Brandable |

In June, Facebook announced that it would start supporting hashtags. And those hashtags are clickable. The fact that you can click on hashtags means that you can search a hashtag for specific Facebook posts. But hashtags are even more powerful when you can use them as a branding tool for your business.

Big brands are already doing this.

The key to using Facebook hashtags is to pick something that is brandable. Some examples of brandable hashtags include:

  • #strawsome
  • #Slurpeedance
  • and #FeedUSA

If you recognize any of these hashtags, then you may know they are the hashtags for Starbucks, 7-Eleven, and Target.

One great way to use hashtags on Facebook that is more difficult to accomplish successfully on Twitter is to associate your hashtag with an image. For instance, if you want to associate your brand with the peace sign, you can take photos of random people and post them with your hashtag. It’s better if you can create a hashtag that is easy to associate with the generic image concept, but you can still create a brandable hashtag that you associate in people’s minds with a simple image.

Facebook hashtags are here to stay. It’s time for small businesses to figure out how to use them for creative marketing and online branding.