co Why You Should Create New Search Terms |

Every business is different. You don’t run the same business as the guy down the street. You might be in the same industry, but you have different strengths and weaknesses, different product offerings (even if they are in competition), different employees, and different sets of priorities. So why are you chasing the same keywords?

Search engine marketing is not a square hole into which you must insert a round peg. It is an opportunity to present your business to the right customers.

Searchers do not think about which keywords they are going to use. They have a need, they are searching for information, and they go to Google (or Bing) to find the information they need to answer their questions. Search engines return a set of web pages that match the parameters of specific search queries. When there is a match between the real needs of the searcher and the content of the web page, then the ranking begins.

But where do the keywords entered into the search query come from? In truth, they come from marketers.

People search for information based on the language they understand. Few people seek information on Latin medical terms. They want to know why they feel bad and what they should do about it.

Your business was established to meet a certain need in the marketplace. Whatever that need is, that’s your keyword. There is no pre-planned, pre-plotted keyword graph for search marketers to choose what is going to work for their business. You have to create the search phrases, and the demand for them, that will lead people to your business in the search results. But don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it sounds.