co How To Use Google Trends For Local Keyword Research |

Keyword research is a very important part of your local search marketing process. You can’t do local keyword research through Google AdWords’ External Keyword Research Tool. However, Google does have other tools you can use for local keyword research. The one I like is Google Trends.

So how do you conduct keyword research for your local search terms through Google Trends?

When you get to Google Trends, click on “Explore.” Below that link, on the left side of the screen, you’ll see the label “Search terms” with a dropdown arrow and a text box below it. Enter your keyword but not your geographic search term in the text box. If you want to compare multiple keywords, you can add up to five.

Next, click the dropdown arrow and choose “Locations.” Under Locations you can choose Worldwide or your country, but you can also narrow your search to a more local region. In the U.S., you can narrow your search to your state or go even more local.

For instance, let’s choose Minneapolis-St. Paul.

When you get your graph you’ll see a visual representation of your local geographic area. Beside that is a list of related search terms. You can choose between Top and Rising.

Google Trends is a cool tool for local small businesses to use to find new local keywords. I highly recommend it.