co 4 Ways To Prove You're An Expert Online |

It’s great that you’re an expert in your niche, but have you proved it? It doesn’t take much to prove that you are the consummate expert in your field, but until you prove it, no one (including the search engines) has a reason to believe you are the expert you say you are.

Here are 4 bona fide ways to prove you are an expert.

  1. Write authoritative blog posts – There’s no substitute for sharing your knowledge. Write to your blog often, but don’t just write shallow posts designed to feed the search engines. Write in-depth posts that prove the breadth of your knowledge.
  2. Don’t be anonymous – You’d be surprised at how many professional blogs are authored by Admin, or just a first name. Include your full professional name. Link your byline to your author’s bio page on your blog or website. Make sure your bio is extensive.
  3. Use rel=”author” – Google Authorship markup is a great way to prove your authority in your niche. Set up a Google+ account and link to your website and blog. Claim all your business listings in Bing Local, Google Places, and wherever else you appear online. Include links to all your social media accounts too.
  4. Be a proofreader – These days, Google cares as much about clean content as it does accurate content. Google wants your spelling and grammar to be on target. Poorly written content doesn’t say “expert.” It says “careless.”

If you want people to believe you’re an expert in your niche, then you’ve got to prove it. These 4 proofs are just the beginning.