co Will Conversational Search Kill Keywords? |

Danny Sullivan has a very interesting post on conversational search. After reading it, one might think that keywords are going by the wayside – and fast. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Google has been using semantic search for about five years now. We’re still using keywords. But conversational search promises to change that (I encourage you to read the post).

It’s clear that conversational search will have major implications in the mobile search space. A little less clear is what impact it will have on text-based organic search. It’s easy to predict that it could kill off the need for keywords completely, but I don’t think so. I do think it will make keywords less necessary.

The idea is to use your recent search history to retrieve information for non-keyword-based searches that are related to keyword-based searches made earlier. I’m guessing that if Danny Sullivan had waited 24 hours to ask his follow-up questions, then he’d have seen less success in getting the answers he was looking for. That’s a pretty significant factor because it shows that your search history is more important the closer in proximity to your conversation with Google is.

When Google perfects its conversational search, you can bet they’ll take what they learn from that and apply it to text-based search. The only question is, How long will it take?

Anyone want to answer that?