co 5 Places To Get Free Images For Your Blog |

It is becoming increasingly more important to include images with your blog posts. If you have a desire to add images to your blog posts, here are 5 sources where you can get free images.

  1. Creative CommonsCreative Commons is a library of media that includes images, videos, and more. Creative Commons licenses fall into several categories. You can often find images that offer users licenses that don’t require attribution or that can be used for commercial purposes. Be sure to read the terms for each image you want to use.
  2. Flickr – Flickr is a photo sharing site where users upload their own images and share them with the world. Flickr allows each user to set the terms of use for the images they own. Some users retain all their rights. Others offer their images for free commercial or non-commercial use, derivative works, and more. Read the terms and, when in doubt, ask permission. An easy way to search Flickr for free images is in The Commons area.
  3. ZemantaZemanta is a WordPress plugin that searches for related images as you write your blog posts. You have to read the images licenses for each image. Sometimes they include images that are not for commercial use or in the public domain.
  4. unprofound unprofound in a non-profit website where all images are free. You don’t have to ask permission or even register for the site.
  5. Take them yourself – If none of these options appeal to you, you can always take your own photos and use them. You might even share them on Flickr or sell them for use on photo sharing sites and make a little extra money.