co Why Your Redirects Are Ineffective |

301 redirects are necessary at times when you are deleting a page of your website or you are changing directions with your company, which results in your services and website information being out of date. But while the tool is necessary, it can also be overused or implemented ineffectively.

One mistake that many webmasters make is to mass direct a lot of deleted pages on their website to the home page. This can be disastrous because if you’ve built up a lot of backlinks to those deleted pages, then your redirects will not pass on link juice if you do it wrong. Mass redirects to an unrelated page like your home page will kill your link juice and your SEO. Instead, try to redirect each deleted page to a related services page or a category page under which that page fell in your website’s hierarchy.

Another way redirects can work against you is to redirect to a nonrelevant web page. For instance, if you have a page about party invitations and you redirect it to a page about wedding gowns, then that redirect will likely not pass link juice. However, if you redirect to a page about wedding invitations, then that’s more relevant.

301 redirects are getting more difficult to implement. Give it some forethought before you do it.