co Google's New Analytics Tool |

Analytics is a very important part of doing business. Small businesses, especially, need to consider how they will reach their audiences effectively and track their movements online. A new tool from Google makes that easier. It’s called Google+ Dashboard.

To use Google+ Dashboard, you have to have a Google+ page. You can’t have a Google+ page for your business unless you have a Google+ personal profile.

This is good evidence that the future of your business online depends a lot on Google+. If you don’t establish a Google+ presence for your business, there is a high chance that you will not be visible online. Right now, if you haven’t established a Google+ presence, then you are certainly behind the competition.

So what are the features of the Google+ Dashboard? According to Googler Pavni Diwanji, the Google+ Dashboard performs the following four functions.

  1. Allows you to update all business information from a single Overview tab on your page. This includes website URLs, business hours, phone numbers, etc. When you update your information, Google+ will make the changes at Maps, Search, and Google+.
  2. Monitor all of your Google+ notifications, page managers, Hangouts, photos, and videos in one place.
  3. Access to all your Offers and Google AdWords campaigns.
  4. And metrics and tracking information on top searches related to your business, locations from which driving directions are requested, and your Google+ post performance data.

I think this could very well become one of your most important analytics tools, especially if you have a presence on Google+ (and you should).