co Do Sponsored Posts Actually Work? |

The FCC would like you to disclose your sponsorship whenever you sponsor a blog post or any content online. Some people don’t like it, but it seems fair. Readers deserve to know if you are offering an opinion on something because you’ve been paid for it or if you are paying for content that is favorable to you.

At heart, it’s a credibility issue.

If you don’t disclose sponsorships and it comes to light that you are paying for content, then you won’t ever be trusted again. On the other hand, if you do disclose your sponsorship, then readers can make up their own minds as to whether you are credible or not. That’s as it should be.

I would encourage you to seek out a few such paid sponsorships. It won’t taint your reputation if you do it correctly.

An alternative to paid content sponsorship is to become a regular columnist. If you write a daily, weekly, or monthly column on a particular topic for a website that is related to your niche, then you can build credibility and an audience in one location. Readers of your column are a logical traffic and revenue source for you. In your column bio, you can mention your website affiliations, which often leads to traffic back to your website.

It’s time to get creative with your Web content. Are you ready?