co Even Yahoo! Gets A Redesign |

Every now and then you have to take a second look at your website and decide if it’s time for a redesign. Even Yahoo! has redesigned its search results pages.

When you redesign your website, you want to stay true to your brand and image. You don’t necessarily need to change the content, although that may be necessary as well. But the redesign itself should reflect your company’s values. It should reflect your values from the header to the footer.

It’s important to realize, though, that website redesign is about more than changing a pretty face. You are also, in many cases, changing the architecture and site structure as well. Even something as simple as adding social media icons can involve a complete rearranging of your code under the hood. How that change is implemented needs to be carefully thought out.

Finally, after you have redesigned your site, you need to work out how you will promote it. Promoting a redesign is a necessary part of the redesign itself because you want your customers to know that you are moving ahead on their behalf. You want to communicate that your values aren’t changing and your service isn’t changing even as you redesign the face of your site and its infrastructure. This is an important distinction.