co What's A Rich Pin? |

Pinterest has something new they’re calling Rich Pins. These are pins that you can add to your website that will give additional information to people who see your pins on Pinterest. There are three types of Rich Pins.

  1. Product Pins – These are great for e-commerce sites or websites with shopping cart items. You add information like price and availability to your product pins, which can lead to more traffic and more conversions on your website.
  2. Recipe Pins – Recipe Pins include ingredients, serving sizes, and preparation times to your recipes.
  3. Movie Pins – Movie Pins add director and cast names, movie ratings, release dates, and other information to the movie pins.

This is just a start to the Rich Pins addition. There will likely be other pins coming in the near future. Most likely, you’ll see Rich Pins for books, music, auto and travel categories, and possibly for other categories as well.

Adding Rich Pins to your website involves the use of tags, oEmbed code, or hRecipe tags. If you have a Shopify store, you can add Rich Pins there too.

You can get more information about Rich Pins from Pinterest’s help website. You’ll need to validate any Rich Pins you add to your site, and there is additional information on Pinterest for Developers.