co Penguin 2.0 Is Released: Should You Panic? |

When it comes to search engine algorithm updates, some are serious and some are, well, not serious. Penguin was one of the biggest algorithm updates in Google history and it affected a lot of websites. This week, Google announced the release of Penguin 2.0.

Penguin 2.0 isn’t supposed to be as big as the original update. Even if it is, however, my advice is, Don’t panic.

It likely won’t impact more than 3% of the Web. That’s a pretty insignificant portion. Most of those sites already know they are on the wrong side of Google guidelines, so it shouldn’t come as no surprise to them if they are hit by the algorithm update. Most of the rest of us have nothing to worry about if we stay within the search engine guidelines.

Of course, that’s not a guarantee either.

It is important, however, to monitor where your sites are going right now. Keep an eye on your rankings and if you see any huge dips, then get concerned. Don’t worry, but get concerned.

Every algorithm update results in sharp rises and falls. This is the search engine’s way of reordering the rankings. You will see your site either move up or down for a short while before everything settles. If, after the settling, you see that your website has lost ground, then start looking to see what caused you to drop. But don’t panic and start looking for causes during the shifting around period. Some webmasters have done this in the past and caused even more problems by reacting when, if they had left well enough alone, they’d have come out ahead.