co The Value Of Google+ For SMBs |

Google+ is almost two years old. Frank Reed highlights the value that small business owners place on various social networks, including Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Interestingly, more small business owners see value in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, and YouTube than in Google+. Google+ comes out ahead of only Pinterest and Forums.

This is head-scratching.

I think many small business owners simply do not understand the connection between social signals and SEO. Folks, Google+ is more than a social network.

But how much more?

That’s unclear, but what is clear (at least, to me) is that there are SEO benefits to using Google+. I think there are more search engine benefits to using Google+ than all the other social networks.

It’s been clear for some time that the more you use a social network (any social network), then the more likely you are to rise in the search engine rankings for your brand name. There’s a clear benefit to being active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. There’s no difference in Google+. Use it often and you increase your brand exposure in the search engine rankings.

Aside from that, there is still the engagement issue.

More social media usage equals more search engine exposure. If your audience is on Google+, then you should be too. If your audience is not on Google+, then you should at least use it moderately.