co One More Reason To Use LinkedIn |

LinkedIn has come a long way. It started out small and grew steadily, gaining a huge following in the business-to-business market. It’s also very popular for job seekers to post their resumes. In fact, LinkedIn has been seen largely as an online resume database.

There are plenty of reasons for using LinkedIn for social media:

  • You can be introduced to potential prospects by your business acquaintances
  • People you have done business with can endorse you
  • You can answer questions and make yourself a resident expert on your niche topic
  • It’s a great place to network for any professional business

A recent announcement by Constant Contact gives you one more reason to use LinkedIn. It’s becoming more visual.

Successful Internet marketers know the value of a good graphic – an image, a video, an icon, whatever. Graphics keep people interested and really do a lot of selling on their own. If you’ve stayed away from LinkedIn because it was boring, you don’t have to any longer. It is becoming more graphic.

This is one more reason to start using LinkedIn. Not only can you attract potential business partners and clients, but you can use graphics and other visuals to highlight each aspect of your social profile at Linkedin, making it more powerful overall.

I’m glad to see good things continue improving.