co Why Twitter Lists Are Good |

So you’ve set up a Twitter account and you’ve started following some people in your business niche. You’ve followed a few hashtags that you think provide good and useful information. You are actively tweeting and retweeting. You are involved, engaged, and having fun. What next?

One other way you can use Twitter is to set up Twitter lists of your favorite people in a specific niche, or who have a specific skill set.

For instance, let’s say you are interested in decoupage. You’ve followed everyone on Twitter who has anything to do with the art of decoupage. But you’re also following several thousand other people. How can you be sure the tweets of your decoupage connections don’t get lost in the shuffle? Create a Twitter list.

By creating a list of decoupage artists on Twitter, you make it easy to follow those people you find most interesting.

Another benefit to lists is that people who follow you can judge your reputation based on how valuable your lists are. If you create good lists, then your reputation soars. That will likely lead to more people following you. You’ll end up with a bigger list of people you want to connect to.

Twitter lists are a good way to organize your friends so that you don’t lose anyone. Google+ has circles. Facebook has friends lists. Twitter has Twitter lists.