co 4 Uncanny On-Site SEO Tactics |

Search engines love on-site SEO, especially if leads to better relationships with your site visitors. Here are 4 uncanny ways to increase your on-site SEO.

  1. Permalinks – Your URL structure is very important. Shorter permalinks are better. Try to keep them at 100 words or less, cut out the stop words (a, an, the, etc.), and don’t go more than three folders/directories deep. Also, make sure you include your keyword once.
  2. Sitemaps – A sitemap is a directory of your web pages. It allows the search engines a way to crawl your website and find every page you want indexed. You can also rank your pages in order of importance, which helps the search engines index and rank them as well.
  3. Robots.txt – This is a text document you upload to your website’s root directory. It’s invisible to site visitors, but visible to the search engine robots. It’s also useful in showing search bots which pages on your website should be indexed. You can also use the robots.txt file to block unwanted robots and to tell the search engines not to crawl or index certain pages.
  4. 404 error pages – This is the page that shows when visitors try to access a page that is no longer present. They are best used when you customize them with your branded logo and helpful links to assist site visitors in finding the information they are looking for.

Each of these uncanny SEO techniques can make your website more indexable and crawlable. They are also more useful to your site visitors.