co How To Use Google Trends For Keyword Research |

Keyword research is one of those must-do activities of Internet marketing, but there’s more than one way to accomplish the task. Some people have complex multi-layered tools to help them conduct research on keywords to target. Others use a more simple approach. Google Trends is a fairly new tool that can make your keyword research a little more interesting and help you uncover great opportunities for search engine marketing.

Here are some ways you can use Google Trends for your keyword research:

  • Hot Searches – Let’s start with Hot Searches. This is a single-click way to see what’s trending and popular on Google right now.
  • Channel Trends – With channel trends, you can see what’s trending on the Web, with images, products, under the news channel, and on YouTube.
  • Geographical Trends – Choose a country or search worldwide.
  • Time Period Trends – Google Trends data goes back to 2004. You can search the trends from that time until the present or any time in between. Also, you can search keyword trends from the past 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, and 12 months.
  • Category Trends – You an also see what’s trending according to the 25 categories to choose from, and the subcategories of those.
  • Regional Trends – Google Trends offers you a way to see what’s trending regionally. This is just like geographical trends, but you can check the trends by country or by city.
  • Related Terms – Under the related terms trending graph you can search your keyword phrase by the top-related terms or by the rising terms.
  • Comparisons – You can search up to five keywords at one time and compare the trends according to the same limitations as above. You can compare trends by search terms, time periods, or location.
  • Forecast – If there is enough data for your search term, Google Trends will forecast up to a year what the trends will be for that keyword phrase. Remember, though, forecasting Google Trends is like forecasting the weather.
  • News Headlines – If you click the “News headlines” box, Google Trends will add top headlines on your Google Trends graph. You can then go and read those news stories.

Google Trends is a fun and powerful way to find new keyword terms to target in your search marketing. Try it out for yourself.