co What Is Transmedia Storytelling? |

If you haven’t heard the term transmedia storytelling, don’t be alarmed. It’s a fairly new term and one that hasn’t really been co-opted for small business marketing purposes. But it should be.

You can read about it in this Wikipedia entry.

New entertainment channels are starting to use transmedia storytelling more and more. In fact, some of your favorite television shows probably also have multiplayer video games and maybe use Twitter to post tweets and persona comments from their characters. It’s getting to be more and more popular to do so.

In fact, some of the popular TV shows are doing this, including Defiance and The Walking Dead.

So how can businesses use transmedia storytelling to do better marketing?

There’s no one way to do it. There’s probably thousands. But here’s an idea. Use your blog to post in the voice of your business mascot. Use Twitter and Facebook in a similar fashion but create different posts. You can also link to your blog posts on those social media sites. Additionally, create an app or video game where customers can interact with your mascot or perform tasks that teach them about how to use your services but in a fun way.

The idea here is to get creative. Use your imagination for better marketing by taking principles from transmedia storytelling.