co Why Real Time Analytics Is Important |

Analytics is one of the most important marketing tasks for any organization. If you don’t know how your website is being used and who is it is being used by, then you can’t act on that information. Your marketing will go a lot more smoothly if you have actionable data. That is, whatever you measure can be changed. Whatever you don’t measure can’t be changed.

Real time analytics has its own advantages. It’s just not enough to know that you got 10,000 unique visitors last month. That doesn’t tell you what’s happening on your website right now.

One reason why real time analytics is important is because you can see who is on your website right now, where they are from, which pages they are viewing, and what actions they are taking. With that information, if you need to present specific information to target those real time visitors better, then you can make the necessary changes as you need to.

Another reason real time analytics is important is because you can track visitors and make changes to your marketing on the spot if you need to.

Let’s say you just kicked off a new social media campaign. How will you know it’s working if you can’t monitor real time information? By looking at your metrics in real time, you can see if your social media campaign is getting off to a good start. You can see it working right before your very eyes. If it’s not working, you can tweak it at the very moment you realize it isn’t working and keep on going.