co Are Your Links Diverse Enough? |

One of the most important values in link building is link diversity. That is a reference to where your links are coming from. Instead of getting all of your links from one place on the web, for instance, you should spread them out in a number of ways. Today, I’m going to talk about how to achieve link diversity in a number of ways.

  • Domain sources – The most notable link diversity value to achieve is in the number of domains from which you attract your links. Spread those links out. Get your links from as many different types of domains as possible.
  • Anchor text – Next, vary your anchor text. Don’t use the same keyword phrase on all of your links. Use as many different keyword phrases as you can. You can even sprinkle in a few non-keyword phrases too.
  • Different link types – Don’t just go after text links. Image links, video links, infographic links … they’re all important.
  • Domain age – Older sites generally are more valuable. Still, you should go after a few younger sites if they are high value sites within your niche. Eventually, those sites will have domain age. And since the links have been in place awhile, when domain age is going in your favor, you’ll also have link age going in your favor.

It’s important, when building links, that you not try to get all of your links in one month. Perform your link building efforts over time. While link diversity is important, link velocity is equally important.