co Your First 3-Month Blogging Plan |

Your first three months blogging for your business blog are critical. Chance are, if you give up, it will be in those first three months. If you can make it through those months and establish a solid blogging routine with good work habits, then you can keep your blog active in the long term.

Here’s the question: How do you get through those first three blogging months?

I recommend establishing a posting calendar for your blog.

Start slow. Build into a steady posting schedule from your slow start, establishing good work habits along the way.

Before you post anything to your blog, start a calendar and plan when your posts will appear. On the 15th of the month prior to your first publishing month, plan what days your first posts will appear. Plan on two per week for the first month. Choose one keyword per blog post and write the posts. Then pre-schedule them to appear on the appropriate calendar day.

Plan your second month of blogging before the 15th of the first publishing month. This time, plan on posting three days per week. Pick your keywords and write the posts, then pre-schedule them.

Before the 15th of the second month, plan your third month. On the third month you’ll post five days per week. Pick your keywords and write the posts, scheduling them to publish on the appropriate day.

If you publish a monthly blog calendar, you will find it easier to stay motivated. It’s easy to do. Pick a keyword and write about that topic each day. Stay ahead of the game.