co The Ins And Outs Of Online Credit Card Processing |

If you run a business online, or take credit card payments through your website, then you’ll have to consider information security. It’s the most important concern for online businesses that take payments through their website or another online interface. Why is it so important? Because consumers are concerned about identity theft and credit card fraud.

As they should be.

This is a real threat to anyone with a credit card. And when you think about all the places a credit card number shows up when someone enters their private information into an online form, it’s really daunting. Many consumers have no idea where their credit card information shows up, and they are afraid of being victimized. You, as the merchant, must ensure that your customers’ private information is not compromised, and you need to reassure them that you can process their credit card with limited liability.

That’s a hard thing to do, but it’s a lot less difficult with an information security process in place.

The PCI Security Standards Council, created in 2006, established the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to help online merchants protect their customers and protect themselves from the fallout which follows credit card fraud and identity theft. It is important to secure your website, web forms, and credit card payment systems so that your customers are safe and your business is not liable. That’s why Small Business Mavericks supports the efforts of FR Secure. You should too.