co Host A Hangout-On-Air |

One of the fascinating things about Google+ that few people are aware of but that is a powerful tool for business is Google+’s Hangouts-on-Air.

I’ve written about Google+ Hangouts before. But did you know you can host a Hangout and record it live on YouTube? If you have a YouTube channel, this is a golden opportunity. You can reach all of your YouTube channel subscribers with one live video feed that you can also embed on your own website. And it’s really easy to use.

Google+ Hangouts is a webinar feature much like Skype. However, unlike Skype, you can share documents with the other participants live and for free.

Whereas Skype allows up to 25 participants in a single web conference, Google+ Hangouts allows only 10. But that’s a small disadvantage when you consider the other advantages mentioned. When you get your Hangout started, you click the “ON-AIR” button and the web conference goes live. It’s really that simple. Then you can share it on YouTube, which makes the web conference searchable by all of YouTube’s visitors.

When you’re finished with your Google+ Hangout, sharing it on YouTube is super easy. And, just like all YouTube videos, you can embed it on your website and share it on all of your social media profiles. It’s a great business tool.