co 5 Ways To Improve Your Blog Content |

Are you looking for ways to improve your small business blog? Are you tired of writing sales content that no one is responding to? Would you like to expand the scope of your content marketing beyond the obvious posts that no one wants to talk about? Here are 5 ways you can improve your blog content easily without destroying your credibility.

  1. Content curation – Content curation involves scouring the web for useful content that your blog readers would enjoy and find helpful. You add that content to your blog. There are different ways of curating content. You can write useful resource posts with links to content on other parts of the web. Another way is to use a blog post to summarize other resources and link to them – either one at a time or in bulk.
  2. Incorporate multimedia content – Add videos, slideshows, and infographics to your blog regularly but not every day. Don’t overdo it, but you’d be surprised at how interactive this content can often be.
  3. Include guest bloggers – Establish a guest blogging policy and take in guest bloggers. Guests can often engage with your blog readers in ways that you haven’t thought about.
  4. Become a guest blogger – If you guest blog on other blogs within your niche, you can often establish a connection with readers elsewhere and drive them to your own blog where you can deepen, and strengthen, the conversation.
  5. Ask questions – Get your blog readers talking by asking them questions. Surveys are real good for this. You can also end your blog posts with open ended questions designed to get people talking.

What ways do you use to get your blog readers into the discussion? Tell us how you have improved your own blog with content marketing?