co Don't Bother With This SEO Service |

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t tell people not to buy SEO services. Your site will rank better in the search engines if you optimize it for the search engines, but don’t be fooled by unnecessary SEO services.

There is one SEO service that is so completely unnecessary that it won’t help your site one bit. You’ll be throwing your money away. And it might even hurt your site. The service is search engine submission services. I don’t recommend them. In fact, I recommend staying away from them.

Many web companies call themselves SEO companies and sell useless services like search engine submission services. Did you know you don’t have to submit your website to search engines? They have web crawlers that go out and find web pages to index and then rank those pages according to their own criteria. Those crawlers are called robots, or spiders.

Google has one. And Bing has one. Those are the only two search engines you need to concern yourself with.

A lot of these search engine submission services submit your website links to old directories that Google doesn’t even crawl any more. In fact, some of those directories may even be penalized, and if you are associated with them, it could hurt your website to have a link from them. That’s why I say stay away from search engine submission services.