co The 5 Press Release Must-Haves |

Press releases are just as effective online as they are off line, but there is one major difference. Your online press release has to be well-optimized for search. Otherwise, it won’t be as effective for your online promotions. Otherwise, online press releases are just like traditional press releases.

Here are the 5 essential elements that every online press release should have to be effective in promoting your business:

  1. Optimized Headline – News stories have headlines. So do press releases. Make sure your press release is short and succinctly states what the release is about. Also, it needs to grab your reader’s attention, so make it interesting. Give it some impact. And use your primary keyword in the headline as well.
  2. Lead paragraph – In addition to being optimized for search, your lead paragraph needs to provide the essential information. It needs to provide the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your news story.
  3. Press release body content – The best press releases are structured like news stories. That means putting the most essential information at the top and the least important at the bottom. Journalists call this “the inverted pyramid” structure. It’s the structure of all news stories, and it should be the structure of all your press releases.
  4. Quotes – Quotes add flavor to press releases. Provide at least one quote, preferably two, from a credible source that backs up the information in your press release.
  5. Contact information – You need to provide your contact information so that journalists who want to run a story can reach you. Sometimes news sources just run your press release as is. More often than not, however, journalists will contact you for an interview. Make it easy for them. Provide your contact information and the contact information for your public relations firm.

If you ensure that all of your press releases contain this basic structure, then your online promotions will be a lot more successful.