co How To Optimize Google+ Photos |

Like all things related to SEO, photo optimization is bound to change as well. In fact, Google+ recently added photo search for Google+ users. That means photo optimization is a new opportunity for small business owners and businesses that want to rank better inside Google+ (and who doesn’t?).

To get the most out of Google+ photos and to help searchers find your photos more easily, I’ve identified ways that you can optimize your photos better for search inside Google+. Here are 5 ways to ensure your Google+ photos are well-optimized:

  • Two ways to upload – Let’s start with uploads. You can upload your photos in two ways: Inside your Google+ posts or using the photo icon in your Google+ sidebar. Either way is fine, but use the tools at your disposal to optimize those photos.

So what are those tools? Glad you asked.

  1. Albums – Create albums for your photos. Name your albums using keywords you want your photos associated with and group your photos according those keyword classifications.
  2. Captions – Create captions for each individual photo you upload. Make sure your captions use keywords you want those photos associated with.
  3. Locations – You can also geotag your photos by adding a location. You might not want to do that with every photo you upload, but this is a great way to optimize your photos for local search, especially if you run a local business.
  4. Tags – In Google+, you can tag your photos with the names of other Google+ users. It’s a great way to associate your photos with specific people and if Google+ users search for those people specifically, your photos could come up in the search query due to those tags. But make sure your tags are appropriate. You don’t want to be known as a tag spammer.
  5. Content – When you upload photos to a post, make sure your content is well-optimized for keywords you want associated with your photo.

Google+ photo optimization is as important as any other kind of optimization. Make sure you get it right and your photos will stand a better chance of being found in Google+ search results.