co How To Celebrate Twitter's Birthday |

Today is Twitter’s birthday. The social media service turns seven. ABC News has seven suggestions on how you can celebrate this momentous occasion. I won’t recount them. You can read the article. But I do have seven suggestions of my own.

If you’re in the mood for celebrating Twitter’s birthday today, here are seven ways you can do that and still have fun:

  1. Look for seven tweets you can retweet. Retweeting is one of the really cool features of Twitter. If you see a tweet in your stream that you think your followers can benefit from, retweet it.
  2. Find seven links that are not self-promotional and tweet those throughout the day.
  3. Follow seven new people.
  4. Update your header or add a background to your Twitter account.
  5. Attend a Tweetup.
  6. Invite seven friends or business associates to join Twitter.
  7. Find a page on your own website to promote using Twitter. Self-promotion isn’t a bad thing if done in moderation. If all you do is promote yourself on Twitter, then you’ll likely lose followers and your engagement will be low. Pepper your Twitter stream with self-promotional content but keep it leaning heavily on the value side.

Twitter can be a lot of fun, and there are some effective ways to make use of Twitter for your business. Find them, and celebrate Twitter’s seventh birthday.