co New Google+ App Makes Photos In Hangouts Possible |

Google+ went online with much fanfare. People signed on, then left. But it still keeps growing. And people are using it. Then, Google added Hangouts, business pages, and communities. And killed Google Reader. Now, they’re adding a new app in Google+ Hangouts that will allow you to take photos of your Hangouts.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would I want to do that?

Let’s say you decide to hold a webinar in Google+ Hangouts. You invite everyone you know and people start showing up in droves. You think this webinar thing is a good idea so you plan to have one every month. Why not take photos of participants (and you giving your presentations) and post them on your website?

See yourself in front of a room full of 100 people. There’s a whiteboard. There’s a projector. You’re dressed to the nines and giving the presentation of a lifetime. Your webinar expert is at hand running the show so that people who can’t attend in person can participate online. The next thing you know, a picture of you writing on the whiteboard is being circulated around Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. The Google+ Hangouts Capture app made that possible.

The Web just keeps getting better. Google+ is evidence of that. Onward mavericks! Schedule your next Google+ Hangout and get your business online.