co How To Rank In Google 101 |

Google likes to help new webmasters. That’s why they recently published a PDF document that is a one-page cheat sheet for beginning webmasters to help them learn the basics of search engine optimization. These few suggestions Google offers won’t guarantee your website a page 1 ranking, but they do give you the basic run down on what Google is looking for from websites.

It’s pretty simple, really. Small Business Mavericks has been saying the same thing for several years.

Here’s the basic recipe for ranking your new website in Google:

  • Write an informative page title based on your primary keyword
  • Choose a domain name that is easy to read and descriptive
  • Make your meta descriptions unique for each page and 160 characters or less
  • Use short, descriptive file names for your images
  • Include alt tags for every image
  • Write short, descriptive captions for each of your images
  • Provide useful content and update your website often with a blog where you post original content associated with your niche

That’s pretty simple advice, but it’s not complete. You should also promote your website and its content through social media while encouraging your site visitors to share it as well. You can also enhance your website’s design with CSS, JavaScript, videos, and other advanced features.

When it comes to ranking in Google, start by following Google’s guidelines for webmasters, but be willing to do your own testing.