co Are You Listening Or Shouting? |

Funny how language transforms us. When we communicate with our friends on social media we send them a “shout out.” But should we really be shouting? Especially indoors?

As the old adage goes, there is a time and a place for every purpose.

Shouting and listening both have their places. Here’s a hint, though, when it comes to starting your social media campaign. Listen first, shout later.

If you are just taking to social media on behalf of your business, take the time to listen first. Put your ear to the ground and hear what others are saying. Understand what’s being said. Just as important as the what, however, is the how. Listen to the tone of the conversation. It’s important to fit in, or you may find yourself being cast out.

After listening for a while, start interacting. Not shouting, interacting. Do it in a whisper. In other words, engage with your friends and fans, but don’t just start selling them stuff. Don’t go crazy with the self-promotion. Not yet.

As a general rule, you should share useful, valuable non-promotional information 3-5 times as often as you promote your own products and services.

Start with earning people’s trust. After they trust you and like you, then they’ll be more accepting of your promotions. If you just jump in and start promoting, then you could rub people the wrong way and send them running before they get to know you. Then you’ll be crying.