co Pinterest Analytics For Businesses |

Pinterest has introduced analytics so that businesses can see who are pinning images on their websites and which images are being pinned. The catch is that you have to be using Pinterest as a business.

The first step to using Pinterest Analytics is to switch to the new look. Yes, Pinterest now has a new look. It’s not a lot different than the old look, but it is a little sleeker. Secondly, you have to verify your website. That’s pretty simple. You download a file and upload it to your server. As an alternative, you can copy a line of code and add it to your index page as a meta tag.

Among the metrics you can track using Pinterest Analytics include:

  • How many people have pinned your website
  • How many people have seen the pins that originated on your site
  • How many people have visited your website from Pinterest

I believe this is just a start. I expect Pinterest to improve upon its analytics platform over time. But one thing is clear. Businesses have been wanting to see this information for some time. So, kudos to Pinterest for answering the queries of businesses that use its service.

If you own and operate a business online and you use Pinterest, then enjoy the new Pinterest Analytics. Social media just got better.