co You And Your Paywall |

One growing trend with content publishing online is the institution of the paywall. Many publishers are opting to put premium content behind a paywall and charge subscribers for access to that content. Three such content producers are:

In all three cases, these publications still offer free content. This content allows readers to see the value of what is offered and make a decision to subscribe based on the value of that free content. This is a business model that is catching on.

One reason for paywalls is that companies are finding the cost of advertising going down. People just don’t click on display ads.

But what about consultants and freelancers? Will a paywall work for small business entrepreneurs? I think you have to give this a lot of careful thought before you decide to go the paywall route. It might work for you and it might not.

If you publish content to display your expertise in your niche, you should consider that a marketing expense. But I wouldn’t tell everything you know. If you give away everything, then you’ll end up with nothing. Many freelancers and entrepreneurs are discovering that readers will take their knowledge and do it on their own. That leaves you out in the cold.

Online publishing has become a balance between establishing yourself as an expert and making a good living from your knowledge and expertise. Find that balance and create a business. The rewards are out of this world.