co Twitter And B2B Lead Generation |

According to Constant Contact, Twitter is the best social media platform for lead generation. But do you know why?

It’s one thing to know it. It’s another thing to understand it. So let’s break it down.

People use Twitter to follow people they believe will deliver them high value content. It’s a low-commitment opt-in list. If you don’t provide value, they simply unfollow you and move on. So you’d better provide unlimited value.

Twitter users who simply post messages about themselves and do a lot of self-promotion don’t really get very far. They may find a few followers, but those followers will lose interest really fast. Twitter is best used to provide massive value for people interested in information about a particular niche. The tighter the better.

If you deliver on value, then when you do promote your own brand people will listen to you. That’s why Twitter is the best B2B lead generation tool.

If it is used effectively.

The key to any social media is to find out where your audience is. Once you identify the audience, then you deliver high value content that keeps them coming back for more. When you do that, they will pay attention to what you have to say. And then buy from you, or respond to your calls to action, simply because they trust you.

But they’ve got to trust you first.