co 3 Powerful Online-Offline Networking Combinations |

Are you looking to take your online relationships a little deeper? That’s quite possible. In fact, these 3 very powerful online-offline networking combinations make it easy to begin relationships through social networking online and make them stronger by taking them deeper offline.

  • Tweetups – Tweetups are Meetups for Twitter users. If you are active on Twitter and have a loyal local following, why not invite them to a Tweetup? You can be the host and the star of your own self-organized event while forging strong local relationships with people you met on Twitter, one of the world’s largest social networks.
  • Facebook-Foursquare – Everyone’s on Facebook, right? Hopefully, you’ve organized your Facebook friends into lists and one of those lists is your local friends. Why not use Foursquare to connect with your local friends too? Then, when you are sitting down for a cup of coffee or entering your favorite bookstore, you can let your friends know where you are. Invite them to join you.
  • Google+ Hangouts – Google+ Hangouts are video meetups online. They’re like Skype on Google. You have to have a Google+ account. Make this a powerful networking tool by inviting people to a seminar you hold at a local venue and broadcast it live on Google+ through the Hangouts feature. You can even incorporate this into your Tweetup event.

Take your social networking to the next level with these 3 very powerful online-offline combinations.