co Do You Control Your Own Brand? |

An article in Wired Magazine’s online edition this morning discusses Amazon’s new rival – Google. You might ask, “Why does Amazon need a rival?” And that’s a good question. But the answer is just as good.

It’s not so much that Amazon needs a rival as it is that consumers and brands need Amazon to have a rival.

Here’s a quote from the article:

“Amazon can show they’re a friend to small and medium-sized businesses by offering them a platform that allows them to sell,” he says. “What they don’t do is allow you to control your own brand.”

That’s very important. You can sell a ton of your product through Amazon’s storefront, but how many people know they’re buying your product? Or do they care? All they really know is that they are buying what they need from Amazon.

If you really want to increase your repeat sales and have people coming back for more, telling their friends about you, and more, then you need to sell your brand. That’s a lot different than moving product, which Amazon is good at. But to sell your brand, you need your own storefront and your own fulfillment process. That’s the only true way to control your brand.

Of course, along with the online storefront, the fulfillment process, and everything else that comes with e-commerce, there also comes search engine optimization – being found in Google. So Google is the natural candidate for becoming Amazon’s next big rival. They have the financial clout and the motivation. Are you ready to pick sides? Or do you see taking sides even necessary?