co Growing Your List With Smartphones |

Smartphones have changed mobile marketing for the better. Well, they’ve changed marketing period. For the better.

Constant Contact has two free apps to help you grow your list to smartphone users. Text-to-Join allows you to acquire e-mail addresses through texting whilst Scan-to-Join allows you to acquire new list members with QR codes.

The great thing about the Text-to-Join app is you can set it up today and then forget about it. It works its charm. It’s also free.

You can use Text-to-Join to grow your mailing list, promote your events, or take surveys online. If your customers have a mobile phone, they can sign up on the spot in just a few seconds.

With Scan-to-Join, customers with smartphones just scan your QR code and they’re on your list. Easy as pie. You can publish your QR code anywhere you have print collateral – flyers, brochures, table placeholders, store window stickers, and anywhere else. This is where you can get creative. It works for retail stores, restaurants, service businesses, any type of business.

Smartphones have made life easy for everyone – consumers and marketers. Now is a great time to get on board with mobile marketing. Work out your mobile marketing strategy using Constant Contact’s list growing apps. You can start today.