co How Important Is Your Reputation? |

Amazon recently fired its security company in Germany.

It’s an interesting story because Amazon reacted quickly. As soon as the controversy reared its face in public, the company made a decision to end its relationship with the company. That’s hard-nosed. It’s also respectable, and I would argue it was the best decision for the company’s reputation.

The public isn’t very forgiving when it comes to allegations of abuse and discrimination. If there is any hint that your company is involved in anything like that or that you allow a contractor to get away with such abuse, then you’ll be in hot water. That’s why it’s important to take harsh measures early. In other words, you have to guard your reputation carefully.

Amazon seems ready to do that. Are you?

Here are three hard and fast rules about reputation management in the 21st century:

  • If a negative event hits the media and has the potential to erupt into a full-fledged reputation issue, then you MUST act quickly to address any concerns the event brings up.
  • Whenever possible, side with the public sentiment.
  • Stand up for the abused, underprivileged, and disaffected. You can’t go wrong if you are defending the defenseless.

Reputation management is more than simply providing good customer service, though it does begin there. In today’s business climate, it means guarding your public image in every endeavor – including employment practices.