co What To Test In Your E-mail Marketing |

E-mail marketing is still one of the most effective forms of e-mail marketing available. But you have to constantly test and measure the results you get from your efforts. What exactly should you be testing and measuring?

Here are 5 elements to your e-mail marketing campaigns that you should test and continue measuring if you want your marketing to succeed:

  • Headlines, or Subject Lines – Headlines determine your e-mail open rates. Test your headlines to see what is most effective. If prospects don’t open their e-mails, they won’t read them, and your sales will suffer.
  • Calls to action – A good call to action will make or break you. Whether you want to sell more widgets, send people to your landing page, or get survey participants, test your calls to action and keep the strongest ones.
  • Content – Believe it or not, how you word your content matters. Is it readable? It is easy to follow? Does it spark an interest? Use elements that allow your readers to scan – like bullet points and subheads. Test their placement and effectiveness within your content.
  • Images – Images can make stale content come alive or add an additional appeal to otherwise great content. Test their size, placement within the content, etc. Measure what works and what doesn’t and keep improving.
  • Media – Media can be videos, podcasts, presentations, or infographics. Not every e-mail needs to have media, but if your audience responds well to various types of media, then use what works. Do lots of testing.

E-mail marketing is effective if you know what works, but you can’t know what works if you aren’t testing.