co Working With Shortcodes |

WordPress developers are a creative lot. They can jazz up your WordPress website or blog with just a few little codes and these codes can do wonders to make your site or blog look incredible – and do incredible things. The good news is, you can do it yourself with simple tools called shortcodes.

Shortcodes are little snippets of code you can insert into your WordPress blog or website to make it do some really cool things, such as:

  • Add a Contact form on any page or blog post
  • Create custom-designed Buy Now buttons
  • Design cool-looking bullet points or Read More buttons
  • Make your website navigation look great with tabs
  • Improve your look and feel with sliders

Virtually anything you can do with a normal website or blog can be done with shortcodes. You can add shortcodes to your WordPress website or blog with plug-ins like Shortcodes Ultimate and J Shortcodes, two of the more popular shortcodes plug-ins.

What makes shortcodes such great tools is that you can turn any free off-the-shelf WordPress theme into a premium theme without shelling out any money. And they’re easy to work with. Be sure to follow the installation guideliness to a T.

WordPress developers are great people but some things you can do for yourself.