co Relevance, Long Tail Are Nothing New |

A new article at SiteProNews claims that 2012 was a volatile year and there are 4 new lessons you can pick up from it to make 2013 even better. But here’s the truth. These aren’t really new lessons.

What are these 4 new lessons? Let’s summarize:

  1. Go long tail
  2. Go white hat
  3. Get relevant
  4. Provide quality content

The truth is, none of these are very new. They’ve each been key SEO principles since 2002.

Long tail keywords are better for new businesses entering a niche because the main keywords in any niche are already dominated by early risers and big budgets. Your small business has a better chance at carving a spot in your niche with the long tail.

Black hat SEOs always get caught. If you stick with white hat techniques, you’ll stay clear of violating search engine guidelines and run fewer risks of being a victim of the algorithm.

Relevant links have always been better than bland high PR links. Maybe, for a while, those high PR links worked great, but that was a short term fluke.

Quality content has always been the best policy. If you produce high quality content on a regular basis, then you’ll do well in the search engine game. Don’t chintz on your content. Ever.