co Is Google+ Direct Connect A New Opportunity? |

If someone conducts a search on Google+, will they find your website or your Google+ page? If not, then you might want to implement a new directive called Google+ Direct Connect.

What is this?

Google+ Direct Connect is a new initiative that allows you to connect your Google+ brand page to your website to make searching for your brand easier on Google+. According to the Google+ Direct Connect information page on Google’s website …

We’re still experimenting with Google+ Direct Connect and it won’t work for every Google+ page. Additionally, some users won’t have access to Direct Connect. As time goes on, we’ll make Direct Connect more widely available.

In other words, it isn’t perfect. But it does work to some extent because I tested it on a search query for Pepsi. You can too. Make sure you’re logged into your Google+ account and search for Pepsi. You’ll see the Pepsi brand page on the upper right hand side of your screen along with the Add button to quickly add them to your circles. By adding the rel=publisher code to your website’s home page you can make your Google+ brand page easier to find for Google+ searchers.

I can see this being a major component some time in the future. It may be a few years down the road, but it definitely has some potential, especially since the trend seems to be that search is more effectively personalized within Google+. What do you think?