co Optimize Globally, Rank Locally |

Many small business owners wonder whether or not it is possible to rank locally and globally at the same time for the same keywords. The answer is, yes. But you may not want to rank globally at all.

If you sell shoes in a retail shop in Wayzata and don’t do any selling through an online store, then ranking globally makes no sense. You should stick to local Internet marketing. But what if you are a regional or national shoe store chain? Then you can rank locally for each store in your chain and pursue global search rankings as well.

My best advice is to claim your Google Places and Bing Local listings for each store in your chain. You should pursue those local rankings in Maps.

To achieve high global rankings, optimize your website using the best practices of onsite SEO and offsite SEO. That means, use the best on-page ranking strategies and do some link building. Push your content out on social media and drive traffic back to your website. It’s search engine optimization. Global = local, and vice-versa.

Google’s, and Bing’s, policies will ferret out web pages that don’t belong. For both local and global rankings. Your job is to put your best foot forward on both fronts. If you do that well, you’ll rank where you should rank.