co Can Yahoo! Be The Comeback Kid? |

Don’t write Yahoo! off yet. CEO Marissa Mayer, a former Googler, has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, and I’m betting on her.

According to this article at TechCrunch, Yahoo! is planning a comeback in search, video, and mobile. Recent acquisitions show that they’re serious. In fact, Yahoo! has deep pockets, and if they continue to make smart acquisitions, then I think you’ll see them become big competitors against Google and Facebook.

Here are three specific reasons why I think Yahoo! is still in the game:

  • Its acquisition of OnTheAirOnTheAir is a video app that allows users to set up their own webinars. If Yahoo! can take advantage of this technology, they can build an online app that will compete with Google Hangouts.
  • Its acquisition of StampedStamped is a mobile app. Making good use of this app can give Yahoo! enough clout to compete with Google’s Android product, and if Facebook gets into mobile to compete for this space, then it could become an all out war. This is a huge opportunity for Yahoo! because no one is dominating here yet.
  • Personalization – Yahoo! was the first big web property to let users personalize a home page. They did it long before Google ever thought about it. Personalization in search has become a big deal that Google has managed to position itself as a leader in. And Bing isn’t strong enough to compete against Google on any playing field. But Yahoo! is. If Yahoo! can take its current technology to learn enough about its user base to deliver personalized content, then it can become a major player again.

Yahoo! has an interesting challenge ahead of it. I don’t think they’ll knock Google off their pedestal, but they could be a competitor again. I’m rooting for Yahoo! to build a search brand that can give Google a run for its money.