co Topsy Is The Simplest, Coolest Social Media Tool |

Topsy is still in beta, but it’s still a cool tool.

What makes Topsy such a great tool are two things: It’s simplicity, and it’s practical diversity.

The home page shows a search box that allows you to conduct a search for any topic using two social networks – Google+ and Twitter. You can also search for information by specific vertical: Links, Tweets, Photos, Videos, Experts, and Trending. But that’s not the best part.

After your search results page has loaded, you can narrow your search by time (past 30 days, past 7 days, past day, past 2 hours, past 1 hour).

Click over to the Social Analytics tab and you can compare search data on three specific search terms. That’s a powerful tool. And you can do that for the past day, week, two weeks, and 30 days.

If you want to see what the competition is up to, you can do that too. That makes the Topsy social analytics tool very valuable for businesses. Right now, you can get started with a free trail.

I don’t endorse all social media tools, but if I see one that looks useful, practical, and simple enough for anyone to use, then I don’t mind recommending it. Topsy looks like a great tool to use no matter what industry you are in.