co Factors That Hurt Your Reputation Online |

Do you know how your reputation is perceived online? There are several factors that can help or hurt how others see you. They are not trivial matters. These factors actually get to the heart of what your business is all about.

  • Customer treatment – If you consistently deliver bad service or treat your customers badly, that will hurt your reputation.
  • Website design – I’m not merely talking about attractiveness, though it does help to have an attractive website. But just as important is website architecture. Is your site easy to navigate? Can users find what they need easily? Does it do its job of selling your products and services?
  • Social media persona – Do you use social media as yourself or do you use an alias. It matters. Furthermore, how do you conduct yourself on social media? Are you professional? Consider how people see you on social media. Do you talk bad about the competition or other professionals in your industry? That will hurt your company in the long run.
  • Negative SEO – Negative SEO is any search engine result that puts your company in a bad light. If you have enough negative results associated with your company, then that will reflect poorly upon your reputation.

Everything you do and say online today can be a reputation enhancer or a reputation killer. Make the necessary adjustments to your online reputation to prepare it for the best future outlook.