co How Facebook Graph Search Will Improve Your Business |

A few days ago, Facebook introduced Graph Search. You can sign up here.

With Graph Search, Facebook users will be able to search and find business recommendations from their friends. This is good. And there are certain types of businesses that will benefit from this in a big way. These include:

  • Local businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Artists, musicians, and authors
  • Travel destinations
  • Any business where a recommendation might be expected

Picture a young lady planning a wedding. She needs a wedding photographer. Who will she ask? Where will she go for a recommendation? Her friends? And where are her friends? On Facebook.

I can see Facebook Graph Search being used this way and it could very well put a small dent into Google Search. If anything, Bing will likely get a boost as search results not found on Facebook will automatically default to Bing, the search engine that has had a relationship with Facebook for a couple of years now.

The Facebook-Bing relationship has already benefited Bing by a couple of percentage points in market share. It’s possible that Graph Search can add one or two more.

That doesn’t mean that Google will lose its dominant position in search. That’s not likely. But it does mean that searchers could alter their current search habits slightly to make room for Facebook Graph Search. That will most definitely help certain types of businesses that often rely on recommendations for acquiring new customers.