co How To Build Reciprocal Links |

A few short years ago, bloggers scrambled to get rid of the reciprocating links in their sidebars because it was announced that Google was not going to let those links be used for SEO purposes. Many people called it a penalty. It wasn’t a penalty, but Google was adamant that they wouldn’t reward such links either. Recriprocal links became the pariah of SEO tactics.

In fact, if you link to your buddy and your buddy links to you, those links won’t really help you a lot in the search engines. You likely won’t be penalized, but you can do better with your link building strategy.

Here’s another way you can go about building links. It’s not really reciprocal link building. It’s building good will that leads to reciprocating action.

Make a list of people you like and admire. These should be people you’d have no problem promoting because you like what they do. Send them an e-mail and ask them what they’ve done lately that they’d like to get promoted. Then, write about them on your blog and share their content in your social media circles. Don’t ask them to do the same for you. Just do it because you’re nice.

A certain number of those people will feel compelled to do the same for you. Somewhere down the road they will start sharing your content and promoting you.

These aren’t really reciprocal links. But you get the idea. Promote others and they’ll promote you.