co How To Write Content That Closes Sales |

Your website content must do two things:

  • It must first appeal to your ideal customer
  • And, secondly, it should close the sale

This is the dual nature of all website content.

Your Ideal Customer

Your ideal customer is the person you want to do business with. For an auto mechanic, it might be people who are experiencing car problems. You may even specialize in a particular type of automobile – say, drivers of foreign cars.

All of your website content should be written to attract the attention of your ideal customer. For a grocery store owner, it’s people who want to eat. Or, it might be people interested in eating organic foods. It’s the people you target your products to. If your content doesn’t appeal to them on some level before you ask for the sale, then it won’t appeal to them when you do ask for the sale.

Converting Your Ideal Customer

After you’ve attracted your ideal customer to your website, you then have to have strong calls to action. If you are selling a product, you have to have the Buy Now button in the right place and make it visible. If you are selling a service, you make your phone number prominent. Or maybe you have a lead capture opt-in box placed strategically in the right places.

Every page is its own sales tool. That means each page has to appeal to the ideal customer AND lead that customer to the close.

Write your website content in such a way that it performs both of these basic functions simultaneously.